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Machine Learning Innovation

No longer you will have to deal with Monolithic Black Box Machine Learning Models.  Our innovation allows you to examine the Machine Learning Model intentions.


Have Data.  Examine Intentions.

Our expanding repertoire of Machine Learning algorithms enable you to apply supervised, unsupervised and domain theory based learning algorithms to identify intentions.


Know Intentions.  Advise them.

Data tells the story.  But not the whole story.  Our technology allows you to seamlessly augment intentions with what you know, including complex domain models, but not captured in data.  Or at least not yet!


Mature Advice. Stop Adversaries.

Our technology recognizes the risks of adding domain knowledge to the data driven intentions.  Axiomatic verifications trap bias risks and adversarial intentions.  Stakeholders can formulate viewpoints for consistent and equitable advice maturation.  


Have Strategies. Rehearse realities.

No matter how sound the theory is, it must be verified. Our digital twin technology enables you to combine intentions, domain knowledge and use composable behavior to rehearse strategies for realistic adoption.

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